So I read this in the times today:

I happened to ask a Rabbi (not reformed) a few years ago about the issue of gentiles converting to Judaism. His answer was essentially this: "We don't want them, we have enough of our own to worry about." He also didn't consider Reformed Judaism to be real Judaism (so make what you will of that). I do think the Anique Olivier-Mason person profiled in the article is a bad example of someone seriously considering conversion. She's more like a religious tourist (Marla, you tourist!).

It is interesting that you can be born to a Jewish mother and never practice Judaism a day in your life. But, you are still eligible for a nice Israeli citizenship and all its privileges. I wonder if converts can get in on that? But I would argue that Judaism is a choice. But Jewishness is not. So a conversion is not going to give you Jewishness.

i can be annoying too

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    band i really liked in 2002. Still like them.
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    i won't comment on this one.
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    Wendy draws.
  4. erik satie:
    only music of the early 20th century that has really inspired me
  5. keyboards:
    have a lot of them
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  7. luna:
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    it's got a beat and you can dance to it
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    we're on break
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    shit is hard

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CBGBs should die

So this is a big rallying month to keep CBGBs open. All these baby boomers trying to hold on to what once was. We just read that even the deadest of the dead punk bands are reuniting for the cause (the Dead Boys). This is bizarre to me because Stiv Bators, rock's all-time craziest front man only second to Iggy Pop, has been dead for almost 20 years. I guess it's just a joke, a reason for old friends to get together for what is most certainly a futile cause.

The club hasn't been important in 20 years. The nostalgia everyone associates with CBs is 30 years past! I don't think today's teenager who listens to bands like Yellow Cake or the Chemical Romance would be able to recognize the band Television as one of the seminal pioneers of 70s punk. But why is this older generation trying to keep CBGBs open as a shrine to preserve something as volatile is punk?

CBGB's should take a lesson from all it's deceased alumni. There is no dignity or death in a blaze of glory for these people.

Johnny Thunders – Heroin overdose in a hotel at age 39.
Dee Dee Ramone – Heroin overdose a few years ago.
Stiv Bators – Hit by a car in Paris after years of poor health due to his crazy lifestyle (the guy had no liver left!)
Sid Vicious – Heroin again, after allegedly murdering his girlfriend Nancy. Now that is a mess!

We all know these stories and that the list goes on and on. The point is true punk death is tragic, pathetic and undignified. So my solution to preserve what's left of the legacy of CBGBs? Burn the mother fucker down.


weird. this lady I did work for through a staffing agency exactly a month ago passed away yesterday. She seemed to be in perfect health, in her early 40s maybe. The staffing agency sent a mass email out. They said she died of natural causes. I just thought that was weird.


So I think we played our best show yesterday at the Delancey. Thanks to all who came out. And we discovered the Parlor Scouts who have captured our hearts like few things can these days!

Move over Rover

So I think liberals are whetting their appetites over the seemingly imminent demise of Karl Rove. It's not a surprise it was Rove who exposed the identity of a CIA agent to the press. I'll assume we all know the story and I'll get to my point.

I would like to see this administration punished for the deceptions they've fed the public. Especially Rove. But I feel sad and bitter because it's unlikely anything substantial will happen to Rove. Remember Rumsfeld presiding over one of America's biggest embarrassments ever, Abu Ghraib, a little over a year ago? He even tried to resign and the president wouldn't hear it. And now it seems we've all gotten over that. So we're all going to get over the CIA leak scandal in a few months too. Sad. It seems they are masters of getting away with shit.

Hopefully I'm wrong. At the very least Karl Rove will be fired. With this administration it's unlikely.

Remember Madrid

It's way too early to tell how the bombing will play out with the psyche of the British people. But I think we should all look to the bombings of Madrid from over a year ago. This was an extremely important event. The bombings occurred several days before national elections. The Spanish leadership sloppily attempted to pin the bombings on Basque terrorists amidst the obvious signs that this was the work of al Qaeda. When elections were held soon afterward the public backlash was overwhelming. I can't remember the details of which party was which, but basically, the opposing Socialist candidate won the election as a direct result of the bombings. The public sentiment that Spain should not be in Iraq was justified because the Madrid bombings were the reason why Spain was bombed. It is likely that London was bombed for these reasons as well. The new Spanish leader, Zapatero, made his first order of business to get the thousand or so troops they had out of Iraq. The point is, regardless of the debate on whether we should be in Iraq or not, the terrorists did achieved their objectives in Madrid.

Although I deplore the Iraq war, I also recognize that once you're in it you have a responsibility to finish it. The lessons al Qaeda learned from Madrid is that they can indeed shape the world through terror. I'm not very connected to Britain, but if the majority of British citizens don't have the stomach to be in Iraq this may be another watershed event. The circumstances are different. Through pure chance, this attack has dealt Britain a very painful blow in the middle of a very high point in their recent history. Blair has just been re-elected so there may not be any radical changes in policy. I think this event will draw Blair closer to Bush. But he may lose the people. Even here in the U.S. all polls indicate that American's are fed up with the Iraq situation. What would another attack on U.S. soil (heaven forbid) do to public opinion here?

The United States, Britain and Spain are democracies. We've seen how powerful public sentiment can be in Spain. We'll see in Britain.

New York Olympic Hopes Dashed

I wanted the Olympics to come to New York. But not passionately. I guess a lot of New Yorkers would say the same. My interest was mostly professional. Lots of work would have been needed. Lots of opportunities.

I'm still amazed the West Side stadium didn't happen. Sheldon Silver said it would hurt lower Manhattan redevelopment. That pretty much ended a 10 year campaign to bring the Olympics to NY. Ironic, greed trumps...greed!? I know, let's not forget the tragedy. But the idea that we'd forget about lower Manhattan is stupid...the Freedom tower would have been built at the same time as the West Side stadium. We all know how vested the politicians of New York are in the Freedom Tower. But now, no stadium and no Olympics. We're talking major economic development for this damned city that we've completely lost out on. No one really seems to care.

I'm not saying that the city is on a downward spiral. But it does make a statement that New York may be slipping as a leader in progress. Many, many years ago this city was able to mobilize to create some of the world's most awesome public works. And many of these, in retrospect, were very bad ideas (think Cross Bronx Expressway)! So why are we killing good ideas? Why are we apathetic to the loss?


fantabulous weekend camping! thank you sara for inviting us.

i think i'm adjusting well to the boots wendy got me. The old boots were about 5 years old, so maybe it was time to get some new footwear. The thing with cowboy boots is that you have to commit to wearing them for awhile before they actually start to take the mold of your foot. It can be pretty uncomfortable at first. But the payoff is that once they've adjusted, there's nothing more comfortable. I guess another downside to cowboy boots is that they encourage inflexibility. Walking is great, but at a very consistent and modest pace. But please don't ask me to bend to pick things up. Out of the question because it's more comfortable to drop to the ground than squat or bend with these things on. But the restricted mobility is kind of a comfortable feeling. I'm naturally lazy and try to consolidate my efforts. I think the boots help this dude-like outlook on things.
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